Enterprise Trivia Contest Apps

Multi-Brand Contest Apps

ContestApp is designed especially for enterprises that have multiple brands.

For example, Kellog’s has multiple breakfast cereal brands. A Kellog’s contest app can have a contest for every cereal brand, with new contests every month. Consumers enjoy participating in multiple contests withing the same app and come back for more chances to win and to explore the world of Kellog’s branded content. The app could include:

* Branded mini-site, Facebook app and mobile app (iOS & Android)
* A trivia contest for each sub-brand
* Regular prizes – daily, weekly, monthly
* Admin panel to manage multiple contests, winner announcements, prize delivery
* Admin user role management

Beyond trivia contests – we could add special editors for:
* Comics contests (i.e. remix branded elements with talking bubbles)
* Drawing contests (i.e. draw the brand mascot, holiday themes)
* Design contests (use editor to design an object or character)
* Karaoke contests (sing along to a jingle or other tune)
+ Other formats

For more about enterprise solutions please contact us at info@contestapp.ca